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* Catalogue of Author Interviews, Record Liner Notes, Non-Fiction Writing & Editing

* Interviews

Charlie Porter

On Bring No Clothes

Siân Hughes

On Pearl

Gavin Fang & Tracey Kirkland

On Pandemedia

Polly Barton

On Porn & Translation

Angela O'Keeffe

On The Sitter

Andrew Skeoch

On Deep Listening To Nature

Ros Ben-Moshe

On The Laughter Effect

Max Porter

On Shy

Chris Macheras

On Old Vintage Melbourne

Steve Tupai Francis

On Computer World

* Writing

Snakes In The Grass


"... identifies existential issues facing primarily – but not exclusively – modern Ambient Music, and looks to those who offer insight and innovation in the face of corporate intrusions."

* Liner Notes

Various Artists, Greenhouse Vol. 1

Deep Water Records

Corin, Araw

Heavy Machinery

Bluetung, Music for Our Dying Earth

.jpeg Artefacts

r hunter, Dead Ambient

.jpeg Artefacts

Jim Nopédie, Minus Worlds

Hoge Tapes

Ju Ca, Chasms


Showerhead, Travelogue

Takao, Stealth
EM Records

Midori Hirano, Mirrors In Mirrors


Tourist Kid, Crude Tracer 

Melody As Truth

* Editing

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