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Another Moment With Masakado At His Grave

Spiral Anthology, 2020

What I'm Reading

Meanjin, 2019
Snakes In The Grass
Daisart, 2018


Weeds Change The Colour Of Water

Daisart, 2020

Wound Without A Tear

Daisart, 2020

Further Reading

Daisart, 2020

Select Liner Note Writing

Bluetung, Music for Our Dying Earth

.jpeg Artefacts, 2020

r hunter, Dead Ambient

.jpeg Artefacts, 2020

Jim Nopédie, Minus Worlds

Hoge Tapes, 2020

Ju Ca, Chasms

Angoisse, 2020
Takao, Stealth
EM Records, 2019
Midori Hirano, Mirrors In Mirrors
Daisart, 2019
Tourist Kid, Crude Tracer 
Melody As Truth, 2018